NCSCN Raises Alarm over Alleged Denial of Visas to Nigerian Business Mogul

NCSCN Raises Alarm Over Alleged Denial Of Visas To Nigerian Business Mogul

The National Civil Society Council of Nigeria (NCSCN) has called on the federal government to urgently intervene in the alleged denial of visas to the Chief Executive Officer and founder of New Age Mobile Concepts Limited, Mr. Kingsley Okpala, who has been conducting business with Chinese partners for several years.

The NCSCN also issued a 48-hour ultimatum to the Chinese Embassy, urging them to satisfactorily address the matter or face possible picketing of the Chinese Embassy and all Chinese business premises across Nigeria.

During a press conference in Abuja, the Executive Director of NCSCN, Blessing Akinlosotu, questioned the Chinese Embassy’s authority to authenticate a Nigerian passport when the federal government and the Nigerian Immigration Service had done so. “We draw the attention of the Nigerian government, the government of the Republic of China, and the international community to a high-level injustice and business conspiracy against Kingsley,” Akinlosotu stated.

He highlighted Okpala’s significant contributions to the trade of producing and manufacturing phone accessories in partnership with Chinese companies, emphasising that the persistent visa denials based on accusations of using a fake passport are unjust. ” These visa denials have not only impeded the company’s business but have also caused emotional distress, loss of opportunities, and financial hardship for Okpala.

” The potential impact on New Age’s business operations in Nigeria, risking the livelihoods of over 2,000 citizens who depend on the company for employment. This, in turn, could escalate unemployment rates and negatively impact the country’s economy. “We called on Nigerians and relevant authorities, both nationally and internationally, to address this business conspiracy against a Nigerian and the nation as a whole,” he said.

The NCSCN urged people to carefully consider the implications of the injustice, emphasising the need to stand against such practices to prevent similar occurrences in the future.