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The National Civil Society Council of Nigeria (NCSCN) is the statutory and coordinating body for about 500 different Civil Society Associations and Non-Governmental Organisations in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, working in various thematic areas of our National Development and societal well-being, consisting of Lawyers, Human Right Activists, Security and Background Check Experts, Private investigators, Media Practitioners, Social Justice Advocates, Economic Analysts, Political Watchers and Youth Development Workers, dedicated to advocacy for Leadership Accountability, Transparency, Integrity, Justice, Probity, Good Governance and National Integration, in both the Public and Private Sectors.

NCSCN serves as conscience of the citizenry, voice of the masses and advocate of the people, partnering in progress with both Government and Non-State Establishments where and when necessary, as the third leg in the tripod of nationhood after the Public and Private Sectors respectively, while equally criticizing and checkmating wrong doing and anti-people policies across board.

National Civil Society Council of Nigeria

The objectives of the Civil Society Council shall be;

  • To coordinate the activities of nationally recognized Civil Society Organisations across the Federation, that subscribe to International Protocols for Civil Society engagements and defence of the Nigerian Constitution;
  • To Protect the Rights of Member Organisations and provide collective support for the actualization of their full potential within each chosen thematic area;
  • To identify the challenges confronting each Civil Society Organisation in Nigeria, and find sustainable solutions to same, while amplifying the individual voices and magnifying impacts by encouraging synergy among Organisations with similar thematic focus;
  • To serve as Societal Watchdog over activities of Governments and their functionaries, as well as over the Organised Private Sector and all Non-State Actors, with a view to checkmating them against exploitations of the People and abuse of privileges;
  • To advocate strict enforcement of Labour Laws and defend Workers Rights and Privileges within the Labour Market;
  • To canvas for adequate well-being of the Citizenry and fulfilment of Government responsibilities to the People, while equally mobilizing the Citizenry for support to all laudable Government Policies and Decisions;
  • To defend Democracy in Nigeria, the Rule of Law and all Democratic Tenets, while resisting any form of Military Incursion in Governance.

-Conflicts Resolution and Peace Building [CORAPEB]

-Justice and Equal Rights [JAER]

-Transparency, Accountability and Probity [TAAP]

" Management Team

Nigeria Civil Society Council of Nigeria is been govern and coordinated by discipline executives with one goal and aim centered in ensuring that the voice of Nigeria Civil Society members are heard and attended to.

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